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Why has Boca Raton been called a city within a park?

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Living the Boca Raton Lifestyle

Why has Boca Raton been called a city within a park?

Boca Raton has been called a city within a park over the years because with over 40 parks located within the city limits, it does tend to create that feel. Today I want to share with you one of my favorites, sugar Sand Park. It’s a large park, it’s centrally located in Boca, close to everything. It has so much to offer. It was built in 1995. It’s 132 acres. They’ve got a gymnasium, they have ball fields, they’ve got playgrounds, and even a carousel and a theater. So come check it out with me today as I share this wonderful hidden gem.

One of my favorite parts of Sugar Sand Park is the Children’s Science Explorer. It’s really, really cool. So after you’re here a while and you’re kind of just warm the kids and playing in the, in the playground and you wanna just escape that for the sun, come check it out. There really is no admission to the museum, but they do recommend that you make a $5 donation. It does help keep the place running. So come check it out. Coincide we’re inside the children’s science exploring. It’s a really cool place. Like I said, it’s cool in here. Air conditioning’s on. Okay, so we’re gonna take, we’re gonna take you through. Um, there’s all sorts of experiments and exhibits, hands-on things for the kids to do. They have so many cool things that they can participate, uh, either with groups or on their own. So let’s, let’s take a look at, okay, remember I told you it was a $5 donation, suggested donation, $5, so I’m paying for month. How cool is that? Okay, how cool is this? They’ve got things immediately upon coming in. Things that you can do, things that are interactive, um, kids to work on. That’s pretty cool. We’ve got a kid up here

And let’s no win. It’s all kinds of, I hope you’re gonna join me. Bye-bye. Come on. Pretty Cool. See my fingerprint?

This is really cool. They have an outdoor space. It’s like a nature walk showing you different flowers for the butterflies. It’s really cool. There are a ton of butterflies. It’s a way for kids to learn the different flowers and the different buds grow things. I think that’s milkweed. I’m maybe not for butterflies. And they got a game here. You can get it, an app on your phone for it or, or something where you go through

This nature walk and as you see things, you check ’em off the list and then you get a prize. How cool is that?

Check this out. We can become a butterfly, A monarch butterfly. Some kids will love that. What a great Halloween costume. You gotta be sure you check out the playground. The original playground was built by volunteers here in the city. How cool is that? They have recently updated it since then, but it’s so full water features, it’s three stories high and there’s so many slides and things here for the kids just to run wild and, uh, occupy them for a long time hours.

Anyway, be sure to come and check every part of Sugar Sand Park out. I think you’ll like Sugar Sand Park offers so much indoor activity. They also offer all of the outdoor amenities that you could need. They have six ballparks just like this one. They have a hockey break. They even have an indoor gym gymnasium where they have two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, seating for 400 people. Uh, they have different competitions and things going on in there. It’s a great, great place. I hope you’ll come out and check out this fabulous park. It’s only one of the 40 parks that Boca Raton, uh, maintains here within our city. And, um, I hope you’d like my video and if you did, be sure to click on the subscribe button for me and then ring that bell. That way you’ll be notified of anytime that I, uh, publish another video. Don’t forget, you can go on my website and get my exclusive local’s guide. I put this together with a list of so many different places that I like to go. Restaurants, shopping, beaches, parks, all sorts of things. It’s very helpful. It’s a color, uh, guide that I made just for you. It’s complimentary. So check it out and get your copy today. Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the next one.