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What’s Happening in Boca Raton: February 2024 Edition

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Blog, Living the Boca Raton Lifestyle

As a real estate agent in Boca Raton, I’m not just about houses; I’m about the community! February 2024 is packed with events that showcase the vibrant culture and lifestyle of our beautiful city. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Artistic Flair at Mizner Park

The 37th Annual Boca Raton Museum Art Festival is a must-visit. On February 3rd and 4th, Mizner Park will transform into an artist’s paradise. This event draws thousands of art lovers each year, featuring around 170 artists. It’s a fantastic opportunity to appreciate and purchase unique pieces ranging from ceramics to photography​​.

Comedy Nights

Laughter is always a great way to lighten up the winter months. The Boca Black Box is hosting several comedy events, including performances by renowned comedians. These events provide a perfect evening escape filled with humor and entertainment​​.

For the Foodies

Food lovers, rejoice! The South Florida Seafood and Music Festival is happening on February 10th at Mizner Park Amphitheater. It’s a day filled with delicious seafood, live music, and a great atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to indulge in some of the best flavors Boca Raton has to offer​​.

Automotive Excellence

Car enthusiasts should not miss the Boca at Nova event on February 24th. This motorcar festival, taking place at Nova Southeastern University, showcases a stunning array of collectible cars. It’s more than just a show; it’s an experience of elegance and automotive history​​.

A Fitness Twist

Boca Raton is known for its focus on wellness and fitness. This month, events like the Glutes & Groove workout party and various wellness events at 5th & Wellness offer a fun and engaging way to stay fit and meet like-minded people in the community​​.

Networking and Business Opportunities

For the business-minded, there are networking events like the Biz To Biz Networking at American Social Boca Raton, offering excellent opportunities for professional growth and connections​​.


Boca Raton in February is a blend of artistic expressions, laughter, culinary delights, automotive wonders, and business opportunities. It’s a month where the vibrant community spirit of Boca Raton truly shines through. Whether you’re into arts, food, cars, comedy, or business networking, there’s something here for you.

Stay connected with Boca Raton’s dynamic lifestyle and events, and who knows, you might find more reasons to love this city, just as I do every day. See you around town!