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Should you remodel your kitchen to sell your condo?

by | May 23, 2022 | Blog

You’ve been thinking the time might be right to put your lovely condo in Boca Bayou up for sale. Of course, you’re hoping to get top dollar for the home you have enjoyed living in. Fortunately, you can do more than hope. There are a number of things you can do to make sure you get the price you want for your Boca Bayou condo.

First and foremost, you’ll want to work with an experienced real estate professional like Lynn Johnsen. Lynn has earned the respect of countless buyers and sellers over the course of her career. And no one knows the Boca Bayou real estate market better.

To make your home in Boca Bayou appealing to potential buyers, you may want to consider investing in some upgrades. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make a real difference. But, as the experts at HGTV point out, “For potential buyers, the kitchen is the room that can make or break the sale. An upgraded, attractive kitchen can make your home irresistible.”

Kitchen Remodeling for Resale

In honor of National Kitchen and Bath Month, we thought we’d share a few suggestions from HGTV on remodeling a kitchen for resale. These are there tips:

  • Keep the style and color scheme simple. “Think neutral for countertops, cabinets, floors, backsplashes and appliances.” Neutral doesn’t mean everything has to be white. “Choose surfaces and fixtures that blend with many styles,” is HGTV’s advice.
  • Avoid extremes. “The biggest mistake homeowners make is spending more on the remodeling project than their home value can support,” HGTV’s experts say.
  • Add some ‘Wow!’ features. They’re not talking expensive drawer pulls. Convenience is what will make a real impression. “Go for extra drawers, a pull-out pantry (tall or in a base cabinet), stone or stone composite countertops. Lighting, such as under-cabinet fixtures, will add ambiance and show off materials in the kitchen.”


And the experts at HGTV also recommend that you seek the advice of a real estate professional.

  • Ask a local real estate agent about kitchen must-haves in your neighborhood. Find out what attracts buyers, and what repels them,” they say.


If you’re looking for someone who can advise you on what upgrades to make in order to sell your Boca Bayou condo for top dollar, look no further than Lynn Johnsen. Lynn, who specializes in Boca Bayou real estate, has a unique understanding of the market. Give her a call at 561 239 1900.