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by | Jun 1, 2022 | Blog

Those of us who have a Boca Bayou condo that we call home are more fortunate than most every day of the year, but especially now.

If you are staying safe by staying home in a Boca Bayou rental or lovely Boca Bayou condominium, you might be catching up on some reading, organizing the junk drawer or cleaning out your closet. Maybe you are doing a little baking or trying out new recipes in your well-equipped Boca Bayou kitchen!

Of course, lots of folks are binge watching their favorite TV shows and movies. You would think that movies like “Outbreak,” the 1995 thriller starring Dustin Hoffman, and “Contagion,” Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 film version of a global pandemic, would be the last thing in the world anyone would want to watch these days, but they are actually among the most popular movies right now.

As CNN reported, “Outbreak” is marking its 25th anniversary this year. “Get ready to possibly be even more freaked out,” they say. “With all the coverage of and conversation surrounding the coronavirus, the anniversary of the film ‘Outbreak’ probably could have not come at a worse time.”

In addition to Hoffman, the movie starred Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo and Cuba Gooding Jr. The film was popular and well-received when it was originally released. Apparently not everyone was buying into the film’s premise, however.

CNN refers to a review that Variety’s Todd McCarthy wrote back in the day. “From any remotely realistic p.o.v., the events depicted could never happen anywhere near as fast as they do here, and the incubation period of the virus has been compressed for dramatic reasons,” McCarthy pointed out back in 1995. “Viewers may intuit this while watching, but the filmmakers have paced it all so quickly that questions, holes and implausibilities are lost in the rearview mirror before one can sort them out mentally.”

You want to know how we know that the movie is flawed? Well, while this weird disease is threatening the very existence of the human race, we see lots of researchers and doctors and maybe a couple of unlikely heroes. But you never see any of them washing their hands. There are no urgent proclamations imploring the public to wash their hands, either. And now we know how unrealistic that is!

Here at Boca Bayou, we are all doing our best to stay safe and are washing our hands frequently!