Working from Home Is Better in Florida

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Working from Home Is Better in Florida

Over the past year, the guest rooms in more than one Boca Bayou condo have been converted into home offices. But, while folks up north were looking at grey skies or the last lumps of dirty snow out the windows of their home offices, those who call Boca Bayou home were enjoying waterfront views, watching the boats gracefully pass by under a sunny sky. 

Thanks to the widespread availability – not to mention the effectiveness – of the Covid-19 vaccines, people are starting to return to work. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all those home offices will be abandoned. 

As the folks at LawnStarter say, “Telecommuting was once a luxury — now it’s the norm, and quite possibly the future.”

The Realities of Working Remotely 

The transition to working remotely has been so huge and fast that it’s created a whole new sector of the labor force — dubbed the “working-from-home economy” — a trend researchers predict will outlast the pandemic,” LawnStarter says. 

“For many workers, a remote arrangement means greater flexibility in location. But not every city is cut out for telecommuting success.” 

The folks at LawnStarter wanted to find out which cities would be best for those who will be continuing to work from home. They were looking at 150 of the biggest cities in the country, so Boca Raton wasn’t directly in the running – but some of our nearby neighbors were, including Fort Lauderdale, which ranked 21st overall and made it into the top 5 when it comes to cities with the most remote job opportunities. 

Other Florida cities that made the list include:

  • Orlando, which came in at #10
  • Tampa was close behind at #13
  • Port St. Lucie, north of Boca Raton on the Treasure Coast, was #17
  • Fort Lauderdale, as we mentioned, was #21
  • Miami shows up at #30


Hialeah (#47), Jacksonville (#63), St. Petersburg (#69), Cape Coral (#87) also made it into the top 100.

It’s easy to understand why so many Florida cities are great places for remote workers. (It might be a little harder to understand how so many Texas cities made the top 10.) Boca Bayou condominiums are a great place to set up your new home office and take advantage of Florida’s many delights. 

For information on available properties, contact Lynn Johnsen.

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